Tachikawa Minamiguchi Tonkotsu, Katsuo | Ramen Tachikawa Ya



Ramen Tachikawa Ya, a place where you will hear people say
“Let’s come again!”

It is a place where children are taken to by their parents who also came during their childhood.
This ramen shop is filled with many happy occurrences like this one.

We don’t aim to become one of those shops with long lines from the entrance.
We just want to be a shop that offers delicious ramen that can be enjoyed by families, friends, and partners, by anybody at any time.

A streamlined counter to differentiate from the conventional image of ramen shops.

There is an open kitchen that allows people to see the cooking scenes so that we can show how thorough we do our work.
We wanted to create an environment where even ladies can feel comfortable eating here alone.